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This family web site is dedicated to the family Walz (Walc, Waltz). Our goal is to find  and organize all the information on the fate of our ancestors arrived on Polish territory in the late XVIII century and early XIX century, probably as a result of imperial patent for colonization (Josephine colonization). The differences in the spelling of surnames are due to differences in transcription of the German, Russian and Polish during the journey of our ancestors through the Polish land under occupation of Prussia, Russia and Austria.

The oldest documented information on our family come from Bielsko (Bielitz) from the early XIX century. Our ancestors were connected with the weaving crafts. In those days the family Walz gave rise to many children and they and their descendants migrated for a better life in different regions of Poland, Prussia and Europe. Documented history of our branch of the family include Bielsko-Biala, Warsaw, Ostrołeka, Mrągowo, Gliwice, Grudziądz, Siedlce i Starogard Gdański.

Genealogy largely relies on painstaking detective work that requires a lot of time, commitment and patience. Despite the fact that we already know a lot about our ancestors we are still looking for the missing links to the whole puzzle family relationship emerged the image, thanks to which we will see who they were and where our great-grandfathers and great-grandmothers came from.

Below we present those people with the family Walz, about which we are looking for evidence in the form of all kinds of archives, photographs or documentation:

1. Franz Walz – born. around 1782., location unknown, married to Klara nee Schmidt; He died in 1855 in Bielitz (Bielsko). It is our great, great, great grandfather. We are looking for his parents and about how he came to Bielitz (Bielsko-Biała).

2. Anton Walz – born. around 1780., location unknown, married from 13.01.1806r with Frederika nee Minzberger; wedding was held in Bielsko. This is probably the brother Franz. After November 1806 years the lack of any information about them, however. Arguably they moved out of Bielsko.

3. Josef Franz Walz – born on August 8, 1805 in Bielsko, he attended the Catholic Gymnasium in Cieszyn in 1824-1826, we do not know what his fate was.

4. Anton Johan Walz – ur.1847 in Bielsko (Bielitz), the son of Anton Johan Walz and Franziska nee Trsick, after the death of his father in 1849 probably moved out from bielsko together with his mother.

5. Johanna Barbara Walz – born. 10/29/1834 r.w Bielsko (Bielitz), daughter of Franz Walz and Clara nee Schmidt. We do not know anything about her fate.

6. Aloiz Karl Walz – born. 05.21.1839 r. In Bielsko (Bielitz), the son of Franz Walz and Clare nee Schmidt. We do not know anything about his fate.

7. Ferdinand Wilhelm Walz – born. 28.05.1841 r. In Bielsko (Bielitz), the son of Franz Walz and Clara nee Schmidt (Weisnek). Found! Ferdynand Wilhelm (Josef) became a surgeon and lived with his family in Krakow. He had the three sons and one doughter : Ferdynand, Stanisław , Franciszek and Amalia Adolfina.

8. Karl Adolf Walz – born. 23.05.1845 r. In Bielsko (Bielitz), the son of Franz Walz and Clara nee Schmidt. We do not know anything about his fate.

9. Elizabeth Walz – born. 06.10.1884 r. In Wola (Warsaw), daughter of Franz Karl and Anna Walz  Sachs. We know nothing about her fate.

10.  Johanna Josepha Walz – born on March 19, 1845 in Biała (Bielsko-Biała), daughter of Eduard Karel Walz (born 1817, died 1852) and Johanna Nikel (born in 1821, died in childbirth) – we do not know her fate.

11. Amalia Adolfina Walz – born on April 16, 1875 in Kraków, daughter of Ferdinand Wilhelm (Josef) Walz and Amalia Walz nee Strzechowska, she probably graduated gymnasium and got married in Krakow.

12. Ferdinand Walz – born. 10.23.1892 r. In Wola (Warsaw), the son of Franz Karl and Anna Walz Sachs. We found him! In 1913 he emigrated to Buffalo NY USA where in 1917 he married Rozalia Ratajczak, they had son, Ferdynand Frank Waltz born in 1918 and raised by his grandparents: Stefan and Paulina Ratajczak.

13. Wanda Helena Waltz – born. 22/04/1903 in Warsaw before the WW2, she married Mr. Subczyński; from the information that after the WWII  communist police arrested her in Łódź. We do not know what happened to her.

It is not a complete list of people about whom we are looking for information. We will complement it gradually. This list is intended for visitors the web side to a possible recognition and identification of their relatives and to find or verify information about the certain person.